Group picture (2012)

Back: Simon, Feng, Jin, Ben, Clive, Hanif, Lusha 

Middle: Linda, Serena, Abdullah, Matt, Weiran, Mary, Sharon, Amy

Front: Bee, Lucy, Steven, Edman, Terry, Ieuan, Aaron


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The Tsang group is headed by Professor S.C. Edman Tsang and is located in Inorganic Chemistry Laboratory (ICL) in the University of Oxford. Now the group is comprised of 24 members, including Post-doctoral researchers, D.Phil. students,  Part II students and  visiting researchers and students.


Post-doctoral Researchers

Dr Simon Fairclough

I am Simon. I'm a post doc within the Tsang group. I have a MPhys in Physics from the University of Bath and have recently completed my DPhil at the Dept of Materials, University of Oxford working on the carrier dynamics with magnetically doped and un-doped II-VI semiconductor nanoparticles. I am currently working on enhancing olefin epoxidation reactions, with specific interest in supported noble metal nanoparticles to enhance the epoxidation of propylene to propylene oxide. Outside the lab I enjoy cycling and scuba diving.







D.Phil. students


Cheng-Tar Terry Wu

Hello, I am Terry. I obtained my BSc and MSc in Chemical Engineering at Taiwan's National Chung Hsing University and National Taiwan University, respectively. From 2006 to 2009, I took a position as Research Scientist in the Biotech Division of Far Eastern Group Research and Development Center. Currently I am a third year DPhil student at University College, Oxford. My research is concerned with heterogeneous catalysis. Outside the lab I enjoy travelling.




Aniwat Pengsawang

My name is Aniwat Pengsawang (Bee). I am the third year DPhil student reading Inorganic Chemistry at Merton College and I am from Thailand.  Currently, I am working on the synthesis and characterisation of PtSn electrocatalyst for Direct Ethanol Fuel Cell (DEFC) applications. My major goal for the first year is to investigate the effect of sizes and shapes of PtSn nanoparticles synthesized by polyol process on the catalytic activity for ethanol electro-oxidation reaction. Also, the adsorption of CO species on different-sized Ru nanoparticles is being focused on.



Clive Eley

I commenced my DPhil the Tsang Group in October 2010. My undergraduate Bachelor of Science degree in chemistry and mathematics was obtained from Rhodes University in Grahamstown, South Africa where I continued with a postgraduate chemistry degree, focusing on water soluble CdTe nanoparticles as resonance energy detectors. My DPhil project at Oxford investigates the photocatalytic properties of II-VI and metal oxide semi-conductor heterostructured nanoparticles. Outside of the lab, I participate in debating and various ball sports.



Tiantian Jia

I am Serena, a final year Dphil student from Linacre College. My work focuses on photocatalytic hydrogen production via 2-D layered materials, such as graphene, MoS2. I am also looking into the electron transfer ability and active sites of single layer materials. Out of lab, I like all types of dance though jazz funk dancing is my favourite!



Amy  Kolpin 


Hanif Mahadi

I'm Hanif, a third year DPhil student from Univ. I'm from Brunei and I'm under Brunei Government Scholarship since 2005. I did my undergraduate in Oxford University and spent 1 year with Tsang Group for my Part II. My research is on morphologies of metal oxides and their behaviour towards catalytic reactions. I spend my spare time playing sports like badminton, football and golf. 





Aaron Lau 

Hi, I am Aaron, a third year DPhil student at Univ.  My research is on supported silver catalysts, and its use in industrial reactions such as diesel soot abatement and methane oxidatoin. I am also looking into novel reactions such as photo-thermal decomposition of soot, and new methods of synthesizing silver metal nanoparticles. In my spare time I am a keen photographer.





Fengling Liao

Hi, I am Fenglin, a third year of Dphil student from Wadham college. I am synthesising bimetallic clusters in order to apply them to some biomass reactions. Out of the lab, I enjoy in playing badminton and Pingpang tennis. 





Ieuan  Ellis

I'm Ieuan and I'm a second year DPhil at University College looking at modifying the catalytic properties of palladium through the addition of small atoms to the octahedral interstitial sites of the Pd lattice. The catalysts are tested on alkyne hydrogenations. I previously studied at Cardiff University before joining the Tsang group. In my spare time I play cricket and squash.






Yung-Kang Peng

Hi, I am Will. I am a first year D.Phil student at St Edmund Hall. Before I joined Professor Tsang's group, I recieved my BSc and MSc degrees in chemistry from National Chung Cheng University and National Taiwan University. Currently, my research is focussed on using NMR techniques to probe the active sites in nanocatalysts. During my spare time I enjoy playing piano and swimming.





Ben  Lo

I am Ben Lo, a previous Part II student from St. Johns College. I will partially work at the Diamond Light Source to study heterogeneous catalyst mechanism via high resolution powder X-ray diffraction. Oustide lab I enjoy travelling and sports (e.g. rafting in Slovenia).






Hannah Kreissl

I'm Hannah, a first year D.Phil Corpus Christi College and I work on biomass activation using niobium oxides as catalysts. Before joining the Tsang group I studied at Jacobs University in Germany. During my free time I like swimming and hiking.





Bin  Yu

I'm Bin, a first year DPhil student. My research will focus on discovering the epoxidation mechanism and designing a new route for propene epoxidation. Hopefully I'll get some good science done. Life is so much better with chemistry!





Ivo  Teixeira



 Part II students


Wen Wen

Hello I am Wen Wen, a Part II student at St. Annes College. Now I am doing research on a new Ag photocatalyst for oxidation. In my spare time  I like playing video games and swimming.






Elizabeth Raine

Hi, I'm Lizzie and I'm a Part II student from Lady Margaret Hall. This year I will be working on new oxides of defined morphology for the use in the oxidation of methane. This will hopefully be used to reducce the temperature of the reaction to remove methane from exhaust fumes. In my spare time I enjoy skiing, playing tennis and travelling





Elisabeth  Wolf

I'm Elisabeth and I'm a Part II at St Anne's. I am looking at modifying  palladium by adding small atoms to the interstitial sites. these catalysts will be characterised using a number of techniques and are tested on alkyne hydrogenations.






Canna Whyte

Douglas Sexton

Visiting researchers and students


Dr Keizo Nakagawa

Hi, I am Keizo, an associate professor in the University of Tokushima, Japan. Here I have started collaborative research with Professor Tsang concerning structure-controlled nanomaterials and their catalytic application. In particular, layered nanosheets and the photocatalytic performance are investigated. I enjoy playing 5-a-side football at Uni Club every week, but my recent priority is taking care of my newborn baby...



Weiran Zheng

I am Weiran. I previously worked on shape-control synthesis of metal nanoparticles and now on the promotion effect of organic semiconductors on metal nanoparticles. My research interest was the degree of electronic property modification of noble metals. Other than lab work, I like travelling, history and museums, as well as talking with friends.







Guoliang Liu

Hi, Iam Leo, a visiting student from Wuhan University in China. It's my great honour to join Prof. Tsang's group for two years. My research mainly focuses on the metal sulfide based catalytic hydrogenation mechanism. I like playing badminton and swimming in my spare time. 





Qineng  Xia

Hi, I am Scharffer, a joint PhD student from East China University of Science and Tecnologu (ECUST). Currently my research is focussed on the catalytic conversion of biomass into liquid fuels and fine chemicals. In the following year I will be researching how to convert microalgae oil into diesel using Nb compounds as catalysts.








Past Members


Dr Xiwen Zhou (09-13)

Dr Aaron Chan (08-12)

Dr Porn Luksirikui (07-12)

Dr Kai Man Kerry Yu (PhD 01-04, Postdoc 04-12)

Dr Katarzyna Morawa Eblagon (06-11)

Dr Gordon Lee (07-11)

Dr Jiahui Xu (06-11)

Dr Tong Li (07-11, shared with Materials Dept)

Dr Karaked Tedsree (06-10)

Dr Eric Yu (PhD + Postdoc 05-11)

Dr William Oduro (06-10)

Dr Igor Curcic (06-10).

Dr Teresa Valdes-Solis (Postdoc, 08-09)

Dr Nadia Acerbi (06-09)

Dr William Owusu Oduro (05-09)

Dr Asun Hurtado-Juan (04-08)

Dr Amanda Chang (04-08)

Dr Roy Awbery (04-08)

Dr Adam Kong (04-08)

Dr Nick Caiulo (04-08)

Dr Connie M. Y. Yeung (PhD + postdoc, 01-06)

Dr Matthew Thornton (KTP, postdoc, 04-05)

Dr Alan Robertson (Postdoc, 02-05)

Dr Pascal Meric (Postdoc, 03-05)

Dr P. M. Ferreira ( 01-04, AH Marks with Dr. W. Hayes)

Dr S. Garcia (01-05)

Dr S. Shrestha (02-06)

Dr Xin Gao (02-05)

Dr Peter Jenkins (02-05)

Dr James Zhu (00-03)

Dr Queenie Fu (RETF/EU, PhD + Postdoc. 98-03)

Dr Valerie Caps (EPSRC/JM, PhD + Postdoc. 97-02)

Dr Andrew Steele (EPSRC, postdoc. 98-01)

Dr L. Theolodolu (98-01)

Dr C. Bulpitt (EPSRC, 01)

Dr C. Cooper (Postdoc. Azur environmental, plc. -Teaching Co. scheme 98-00)


Part IIs

Matthew Powell, Ben Lo, Mary Burkitt-Gray, Sharon He, Lusha Fu (12-13)

Liam O'Connor, Maxwell Gordon-Brown (11-12)

Aaron Lau, Hanif Mahadi, Adam West, Joe Elliott, Kevin Cheung (10-11)

Anna Mclaren; Emma Penn (09-10)

Joe Gabriel, Henry Morganstewart, Richard Duffy (08-09)

Luke Ollivere, Adnan Syed, Ranya Hummeida (05-06)

R. Wekesa, I. Paraskevas (00-01)


Enna Ha (12-13)

Jin Qu (11-13)

Dr Qin Lu (11-12)

Dr Qingkun Shang (11-12)

Hongwei Yang (10-12)

Weiyi Tong (09-11)

Yaling Xia (09-11)

Dr Yun Zhao (11)

Dr Min Liu (10)

Dr Andrzej Krasinski (07-09)

L. Qiu (China, 08-09)

Dr X. H. Li (China, 06-07)

Dr J. S. Qiu (visitor and Royal Society China Research Fellow, 96-97 and 98-99)

Dr S. F. Ji (China, 99)

Dr S. Nishiyama (academic visitor from Kobe University, Japan, 98-99)

Dr E. Lau (UK/Hong Kong funds, visiting student, 98-99)

Dr N. Zhang (China, 98-99)